Original Oil Portraits

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Who I Am
I have been producing artwork in a variety of media since high school. I began to get serious when I was in college, experimenting with pencil, pastel, and oils. Although I ultimately began to specialize in aircraft and sports art, I've regularly experimented with portraits and finally decided that I was most consistently good when using oils. So, I'm looking for commissions for any occasion: weddings, birthdays, graduation, or "I'd like a portrait of my wife/husband/kids." If you imagine yourself as something other than the way people think you are (as in the gunman picture at the top of the opening page) then I'd be interested in working with you on a thematic painting. If you have an old photo you'd like rendered in oil, like the pilot in the gallery or the two paintings at the bottom,, then I do both black and white as well as sepia tone.